Communications for sustainable development

We all live downstream


Downstream Communications provides consulting, research, editorial services, training, and planning with a focus on sustainable international development and global humanitarian response.

 We all live downstream -- and upstream -- from someone else. We are each responsible to all. Downstream Communications is committed to this global community.

Downstream Communications works primarily with nonprofit organizations to craft effective communications that deliver clear, complete messages about sustainable development and humanitarian response.

We help organizations tell their stories, inform constituencies and enlist support for sustainable solutions in education, health, hunger, poverty, agriculture, environment, gender, public policy and social justice.

Downstream Communications specializes in making complex ideas understandable to a variety of audiences while preserving accuracy and context.

We deliver quick turnaround on rush assignments.

Insight, imagination and integrity are part of all Downstream work.

Downstream helps to:

 We can also contribute articles and editing for organization publications, and provide coaching for staff on their own difficult writing projects.

Downstream principal Michael Haddigan brings to this work 20 years of journalism experience and 7 years with an international nonprofit. He has also worked in local community-based programs.


Downstream Communications believes in people and in the power of community

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