“I worked with Michael when he was a reporter for the Arkansas Gazette. He is innovative, inclusive, approachable, highly motivated, a model of integrity and a fearless, relentless seeker of the truth. His influence was key in my development as a journalist. He often demonstrated how one can step beyond conventional patterns and create new ways of seeing the world.” Patterson Clark, Artist, Washington Post.

“Michael is a great writer and communicator but because of his work abroad has a deep understanding of international development.” Ray White, design consultant.

"I worked as a photographer on many of Michael's editorial stories. Each and every time, his thorough professionalism, natural teamwork, attention to detail and ability to quickly understand larger issues translated to our readers with vivid and concise clarity. I would work with him again on any project at the drop of a hat.” Art Meripol , Senior Photographer , Southern Living, Time Inc.

“Everything we worked together on was done and managed in an exemplary manner. Michael is a joy to work with: professional, organized, thorough, creative, caring, and dedicated to producing the best results for the organization. With Michael, you can say what you think. And you get to hear what he thinks.” David Patterson, Director of Fundraising and Strategy, Zuri Group.

“Michael is a superb editor and writer. I would often ask him to look over my writing and he would always offer better alternatives but never change the flavor of my work. He's been all over the world and is one of the most knowledgeable people I know.” Kelley Cooper, Bio-Medical Photo Specialist at Arkansas Children’s Hospital and president at Kelley Cooper Photography.

“I can't think of anyone with a better combination of integrity, resourcefulness and attention to detail than Michael. He was a terrific colleague and a wonderful person who commanded widespread respect in the Arkansas Gazette newsroom. My own career benefited greatly from our association.” Scott Stroud, San Antonio Express News political columnist.

"As a contributing writer, Michael made his editor's job easy. He was thorough and always met his deadlines. He is professional, intelligent and articulate; he would be a strong candidate for any job requiring solid communication skills." Denise Beeber, News Editor, The Dallas Morning News.

"I've known Haddigan for years and worked with him on different projects. His experience has taught me now only how to deal with people professionally but also how to approach photography assignments. Thanks Haddigan!” Dero Sanford, Owner/Photographer at ThinkDero, Inc, and marketing director at Peace in Focus.