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Heifer International

Field Reporting
Alpacas to the rescue: Ecuadorans work to preserve delicate Andean ecosystem

Briefing Papers
Multi-Sectoral Approach to HIV-AIDS in Africa
Livestock in Global Agriculture

Discussion Paper
The New Face of Hunger

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Livestock's Long Shadow

Event Reporting
Heifer Partner highlights role of women farmers at UN CSD-16

Associated Press

Nobel laureates visit Burmese refugees; Call for sanction on junta
Cambodian refugee camp, a beacon of hope, closes
Cambodia rebuilds justice system from scratch
Tet in Vietnam's fireworks capital
Gangs, shooting deaths test Pittsburgh high school's war against violence

The Washington Post

Susan McDougal feared being Whitewater pawn
Governor sentenced to four years probation
Clinton associates cleared


Looting the Temple of Justice

Arkansas Times

State's experiment with private prisons failing
Woman who smothered her children awaits execution